Study technology in Norway


Norway is a place where, no matter what area of technology you're interested in, whether it's Computer Science, Web Technologies, Games Technology or Information Systems or Business Computing, you are sure to find the outstanding quality of education which will give you the edge in whatever you choose to do after your technology course in Norway.


Norway has internationally renowned universities that are entirely dedicated to Technology, focussing primarily on technological subjects and degrees, which enable Norway to keep abreast of the high international standards in the technology sector. Technology courses in Norway include specialism's such as medical technology, energy and the environmental technology, material science and technology, marine and maritime research, and of course, information and communication technology.


Do I have to speak Norwegian in order to study a technology course in Norway?


With some technology courses in Norway taught in English, as an international student you may not need to be able to speak Norwegian, to study in Norway. You do, however, need to prove your proficiency in English. Norway has two official written languages, which are in fact quite similar: Bokmål and Nynorsk, as well as many dialects. But don’t worry: initially, you will definitely be able to get by without problems if you can speak English, as most people speak excellent English and there is a lot of English on TV and on signs. As you settle in your new life in Norway, you will gradually pick up more and more of a language which, if you can speak English, shouldn’t be too difficult to learn.


Applying for a technology course in Norway


Whether you decide to apply as an international student or you’re looking to study a technology course in Norway as an exchange student, Norway welcomes applications from qualified students from all over the world.


You will need a student residence permit if your course is longer than three months and life in Norway is admittedly not cheap. To obtain the permit you may be required to prove that you can afford around NOK 8 000 a month for subsistence.


The good news is, as an international student on a technology course in Norway you are allowed to work up to 20 hours a week to fund your studies, just make sure you keep some free time for the myriad of exciting outdoor activities that Norway has to offer!


Lykke til!


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