Study Physiology in the US

Physiology is a biological science concerned with how living organisms function. Physiological study ranges from molecular investigation to the examination of animals and the body as a whole. It is a subject that feeds into our understanding of life, disease and how the body and other living organisms cope with and adapt to different environments.

Study Physiology in the US

Currently, less than 10 universities in the US offer physiology as a bachelor's degree, although many others offer undergraduate physiology research programs over the course of the summer. The University of Arizona offers a physiology major program outlining the basic biological sciences, anatomy and physiology needed to pursue a Ph.D. in physiology and also includes research modules. As the low number of physiology undergraduate degrees suggests, most students go on to study physiology at graduate school after having gained a bachelor's degree in a science related discipline, such as biology, physics, chemistry, mathematics or engineering.

The range of academic backgrounds with which students embark on a Physiology Ph.D. emphasises just how varied the field is. At institutions such as the University of Washington (UW), the graduate program aims to establish a core understanding of physiology whilst also reflecting and embracing its interdisciplinary nature. UW offers a range of joint research programs for Ph.D. students as well as an evolving and unique graduate program. UW's Physiology and Biophysics department currently boasts some of the world's highest impacting research productivity, according to an independent report by High Impact Universities.

The department is also one of the most highly funded in the US and a place on its physiology graduate program and one of its research projects means working with leading experts. Some of the research opportunities available at UW at the moment include cardiorespiratory physiology, molecular physiology and neurobiology and cell and molecular biophysics. On these well funded research programs students have access to the best technology and equipment.

A large percentage of physiologists go on to become faculty members and researchers. Many others gain employment in Federal, State and local governments and in health care whilst a few are employed by private companies in areas such as the pharmaceutical industry.

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