Study Oceanography in the US

Oceanography is an earth science dedicated to the study of the world's oceans. It is a complex and varied subject that includes the study of currents, waves, organisms and ecosystems, geology, plate tectonics and much more.

Study Oceanography in the US

The ocean is not only key to the earth's future but also holds within it clues to the world's past. Marine research is driving forward in a bid to understand how the earth has changed and how we can best use the ocean's resources whilst also saving the planet.

The Joint Oceanographic Institutions (JOI) in the US is made up of 31 American universities and educational institutions. These institutions offer some of the most highly recognised oceanography courses in the world. The JOI manages and pioneers global research programs and a place at any one its member institutions means becoming part a highly organised team of experts. The JOI, as well as many other marine organisations in the US, foster a climate for cutting edge education and research. For the most part, oceanography is only offered at postgraduate level in the US. However, most of the JOI institutions offer internships at their laboratories or summer study programs that will help you in the admissions process later on. Most students who apply for a place on a graduate program have a bachelor's degree in a basic science or an engineering discipline.

Perhaps the most desirable oceanography graduate course in the world is the joint program run by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution (WHOI). These two leading educational institutions have joined together to offer a prestigious graduate program in oceanography. Students on this course not only have access to faculties from both institutions but also have access to the best technology, instruments and ships going. Although intensive teaching makes up part of this joint program you will move into independent research on which you will have to do a thesis. The research is based on your own proposal and previous student research has included whales, dolphins and their process of food selection through sound, turning carbon dioxide gas into rock and the physics behind currents, plus much more besides. A large percentage of Oceanography graduates move into teaching and research faculties but there are also a number who work for private companies in areas such as oil.

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