Study Environmental Science in New Zealand

Environmental science is not only an exciting subject but an important one. We are facing some of the most trying issues in the history of our planet, making environmental science more relevant than ever before. The need for environmental scientists is at its peak and new opportunities in the field are opening up for young talent.

New Zealand is home to some of the world's most breath-taking scenery. From snow-capped mountains to wonderfully clean coastlines and spurting volcanic mud pools, it is an environmental haven. New Zealand's natural beauty draws thousands of travellers to its shores and the country's respect for its environment maintains its natural wonder. Natural beauty and an entrenched belief in the importance of the environment make New Zealand the perfect place to study environmental science.

The BSc in environmental science in New Zealand is built around a commitment to protect and restore natural heritage and address environmental damage. Typically, the BSc in environmental science offered by New Zealand's institutions includes a concentration on the effects of human activity on the environment. The BSc is designed to be taken in conjunction with a science major to support and reinforce the study of environmental science, whilst also giving students more choice in terms of their academic and career paths. Studying environmental science at degree level is both theoretical and practical, and students have the chance to partake in a range of exciting field trips, which take place across New Zealand's fantastic landscape.

Studying environmental science at postgraduate level in New Zealand gives students the chance to propose and investigate their own ideas as well as become part of world-leading research teams. Institutions such as the University of Auckland are conducting major environmental research in a range of areas and are acknowledged as international leaders in environmental science. New Zealand's government also shows strong support for the environment in its policy and funding decisions. All of this contributes to New Zealand's high quality of education in environmental science and ensures students have access to the best teaching, equipment and technology, and personnel.

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