Study Physics in the Netherlands

The world from a different perspective

Applied physicists have a different view on the world around us. Physical phenomena turn into challenges, fascinating questions to investigate and analyse. While studying physics in the Netherlands and as an applied physicist you go one step further, by applying your knowledge of these phenomena in new technological developments. In many cases these are ambitious projects, in which working in teams with people from other disciplines is a central factor.

Study Physics in the Netherlands

The Master’s degree program at Eindhoven University of Technology

The Master’s degree program in Applied Physics gives you the opportunity to get involved in physical phenomena, new technologies and measurement methods. These are based on technical applications of physical principles in the most diverse disciplines. The course consists to a large extent of internships, so that you will learn how to apply your technical and scientific knowledge in a research environment. The Applied Physics department opts for an integrated approach to teaching and research at an internationally competitive level. The specializations are:

• Functional (Nano-)Materials: analyzing, constructing and manipulating materials on a nanometer scale;

• Physics of Transport in Fluids: fundamental aspects of (heat) transport in fluids and gases;

• Plasma Physics and Radiation Technology: plasmas and their applications, and applications of ion bundles;

• Physical Instrumentation/Medical Physics: development of physical measurement methods and instruments for laboratories, industry and biomedical applications.

The department offers three specializations which will probably become independent programs in the future:

• Nano-Engineering;

• Polymers and Composites;

• Broadband Telecommunication Technologies.

Why study Applied Physics in Eindhoven?

An important characteristic of the Master’s program in Applied Physics in Eindhoven is the fact that the program is strongly focused on building bridges between fundamental science and technological applications. This is made possible by the intensive contacts that the Applied Physics department maintains with the high-tech companies in the Eindhoven region, as well as in the rest of the Netherlands and beyond.

A large part of this Master’s program consists of elective courses and internships. This means that graduates from the TU/e gain a great deal of practical experience during their programs, which is a valuable asset in finding their first jobs. The extensive freedom of choice means you can to a large extent define the content of your study program to match your own preferences.

Graduated... and then?

Depending on your chosen specialization you could find a position in the research laboratories of organizations such as Philips, ASML, Océ, TNO or KPN, or in smaller companies and engineering bureaus. Physicists are also found in institutes such as the KNMI, Space Research Organization Netherlands (SRON) and the Foundation for Fundamental Research on Matter (FOM). Graduates who specialized in medical physics will have the opportunity after completing their program of working as physicists together with medical specialists in a hospital. Since you learn during the program how to analyse and solve problems, you will also be able to work in (management) positions outside the field of physics. In practice, a substantial group of graduates choose this option, and take up careers outside the research laboratories and institutes, hospitals and education.

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