Study Psychology in Canada

Psychology is the study of the mind and behaviour, including thought, feeling and action. These things are studied from social, developmental and biological angles. It is a field which has seen rapid and exciting developments over the past 50 years and is a very popular area of study.

Study Psychology in Canada

York University in Toronto has the largest psychology faculty in Canada with over 80 faculty members, including leading experts and internationally renowned psychologists. Their Psychology Department is one of the most prestigious is Canada. They are currently engaged in a number of productive research projects and are collaborating with no less than 7 research organisations, such as the Centre for Vision Research and the Institute for Social Research. The university have also implemented the Research at York (RAY) program in order to widen the institution’s research and improve the experience of undergraduates. The RAY program has created a number of paid positions on research projects with faculty for undergraduates.

Different kinds of Physchology courses in Canada

At York University, students have the option to either study a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology or a Bachelor of Science degree in psychology. The BA covers a huge range of psychological concepts, theories and methodologies and the BSc adds to this a scientific dimension, incorporating the study of physics, chemistry and biology. Within these degrees students can specialise in particular areas such as neuroscience and social or abnormal psychology. The degree programs provide both structure and flexibility, allowing students to work towards their personal goals. Students can choose between either the 3 year general degree program or the 4 years honours program, the latter being more intensive and directed towards an academic career. Both the general and honours programs give students the opportunity to work independently with members of faculty on research programs in the 3rd and 4th years. Honours students must complete a thesis in their final year which can be linked with their research courses.

Career prospects after a Psychology degree in Canada

Psychology graduates are prepared for employment in a wide array of sectors, including education, business and management, medicine and law. A psychology degree from an institution such as York, whether it be a general or honours degree, is also the perfect foundation for postgraduate study and research. Its flexibility in this way allows students to study a fascinating subject with practical and varied uses.

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