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In Australia, most Pharmacists practice in retail which is the most popular sector of the industry. However, many Pharmacists also work in hospitals, the pharmaceutical industry, academia and government institutions, the public service or the armed services. By studying a postgraduate course in Pharmacy in Australia, you can give your career a head start in any of these sectors.

Study Pharmacy Australia

Pharmacists have a wide range of responsibilities, including:

  • Processing prescriptions;
  • Maintenance of patient medication records;
  • Health promotion, patient medication;
  • Counseling;
  • Primary health care;
  • Specialised medication;
  • Administration systems;
  • Services to patients with particular needs (e.g. diabetics, asthmatics and the elderly);
  • Domiciliary care, nursing home and private hospital services;
  • Therapeutic device supply and fitting; and
  • Providing expert advice to medical practitioners and other health professionals.

Pharmacy Schools in Australia provide professional qualifications over a range of pharmacy specialisations. The Australian pharmacy schools program train pharmacists who are basically involved in mixing and dispensing pharmaceuticals and other drugs and medicines and conducting research on production, storage, quality control and the distribution of drugs and related supplies.

Pharmacists are registered by Pharmacy Boards in individual states such as the Pharmacy Board of Victoria. In Western Australia, the Pharmaceutical Council of Western Australia registers pharmacists. Individual states have different requirements but generally all graduates are required to complete approximately one year of practice under the supervision of a registered pharmacist.

The job prospects for pharmacists in Australia are rated as 'very good', and entry to this profession is generally through a bachelor degree or higher qualification.

So if you want to get wearing your white coat, Australia is a great place to start.

By Beth Crewe

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