Study Mathematics courses in Australia

Studying Mathematics at the postgraduate level is championed in Australia. The Australian Mathematical Society is the national society of the mathematics profession in Australia and it is their mission to Our mission is to promote and extend mathematical knowledge and its applications. For internatioanl students wishing to pursue postgradaute studies in Mathematics, Australia is the ideal study destination.

There is no “typical” mathematician’s career.  A sizeable proportion of students who gain a postgraduate degree in mathematics or statistics in Australia move interstate or overseas, and their stories are as varied as their origins.

Choice of a department for postgraduate study is generally governed by availability of research staff. Nearly all of the departments offering masters or PhD degrees by thesis have some applied probability and statistics research staff and some applied mathematics and mathematical modeling research activity. Similarly, there are many choices of location to undertake postgraduate work in computational mathematics, algebra, analysis, geometry, topology, differential equations and applied mathematics.

Going overseas to Australia to study postgraduate Maths opens many different opportunities. Australia has high-quality academic programs in mathematics and statistics, relatively low cost of living and for the most part moderate temperatures, but be warned that “down-under” folk are often a bit parochial and obsessive about sporting events!

By Beth Crewe


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