Study Food Science and Technology in Australia

Food science refers to the application of fundamental scientific and engineering disciplines (chemistry, physics, biology) to study the nature and characteristics of foods; food technology is the application of such knowledge to process, preserve, package and distribute safe foods to consumers.

Study Food Science and Technology in Australia

The food industry is the largest sector of manufacturing industry in most developed countries, and its study enables graduates to enjoy a varied and fascinating career involved in areas such as quality and safety assurance, product and process development, regulatory affairs, research, manufacture and packaging, sales and marketing.

The food industry is a global business, and food science and technology is an international discipline. Graduates in food science and technology can travel the world and enjoy opportunities provided by national, trans-national and global food companies, as well as work in small to medium food enterprises. Graduates from Australian universities work in many parts of the world and are well qualified by international standards.

Australia offers many unique opportunities for international students; high standard of living, location and natural beauty, mild climate, unusual wildlife, multicultural mix of locals and immigrants, and safe and informal way of life. Australia is a huge country, equivalent to continental Europe or mainland USA, and provides opportunities for students to travel to very different locations during vacation breaks, from alpine snowfields to tropical beaches and outback areas.

Several Australian universities offer undergraduate programs in food science and technology, food science and nutrition, and related combinations. These universities provide a range of academic expertise and training opportunities to suit different budgets and career expectations. Australia provides ideal facilities for tertiary studies in food science and technology offered in a variety of locations, and wonderful opportunities to gain an education while living away from home.

The most comprehensive suite of programs is offered by The University of New South Wales (UNSW) in Sydney, which has taught international students in food science and technology since the 1950s.

In addition to a variety of undergraduate programs, some universities offer postgraduate coursework (Graduate Certificate/Diploma, Master) and research programs in food-related areas, often involving research projects in conjunction with food processing and ingredient companies. Australian research in food science and technology is excellent by world standards, and opportunities exist for postgraduate research students to work with national research organisations such as Food Science Australia or their state equivalents.

The Australian Institute of Food Science and Technology Incorporated (AIFST), with ˜2300 members in six branches, is the professional society for food scientists and technologists in Australia. AIFST was formed in 1967, but had its origins in 1950 as the 19th section of the [US] Institute of Food Technologists, and is one of the founding members of the International Union of Food Science and Technology (IUFoST). Student members, and particularly education and training in food science and technology, are an important focus for the Institute, and feature strongly in the Annual Convention held in June or July in the eastern seaboard capitals.

If you are a committed and enthusiastic student, interested in science and especially food science and technology as a career, and want to travel to a safe and unique location, then Australia is the choice. You will not be disappointed!

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