Study Electrical Engineering in the UK

What are your first thoughts when you think about engineers and engineering? Your high-street retailers and ad agencies may have been the first to tell you about the latest ultra-small mobile phones, the must-have fashion accessories or the latest sound systems but chances are that engineers were the driving force that brought these ideas from the drawing board to your shopping list.

Study Electrical Engineering in the UK

Been to movies recently? Or seen the latest stage production? And what about the last gig or festival you went to? A blast, right? See those computer graphics? The special effects? The light show? The bone-shaking bass lines? Pretty amazing huh? Ladies and gentlemen, let us introduce you to the wonderful world of engineering. Computer programmers, SFX and studio technicians, lighting and sound engineers - all on a mission to bring you the best experience in anything you do. They question what many people just expect. Not content to sit back and go with the flow, they challenge the norm and strive to take technology to uncharted waters, ultimately leading to better lifestyle experiences for us all.

Engineering affects everyone, everywhere in the world. And, here's the thing - there's a global shortage of engineers out there. Employers - from big blue chips to start-ups - are looking for newly qualified workers by the bucket load.

Electrical Engineering

Electrical EngineeringThings change so quickly that sometimes we feel tomorrow has already arrived! People working in today’s electrical, electronic and manufacturing engineering are making our world a better, safer and more enjoyable place for everybody. Together, these professionals:

• Ensure that things work at the touch of a switch, from rockets to light bulbs
• Create goods like TV’s, CD’s, mobile phones iPods and computers - everyday products we all want
• Make certain that the quality is right and the products do the job they were designed to do
• Devise new and better systems from communication satellites through to advanced medical equipment.

As society demands more, technologists face new and bigger challenges. In tomorrow’s world, these men and women, these electrical, electronic and computer engineers, will continue to lead the way in robotics, the information super highway and the application of intelligence…plus develop innovations not yet imagined! Dreams will be transformed intro reality thanks to the skills of the design, development and manufacturing engineers who make it all happen.

Choosing A Degree Course

Degrees in electrical, electronic and manufacturing engineering are not all the same. It’s a bit like the industry – plenty of choice and variety. Some courses are longer than others. Some provide more time with companies, perhaps as a sandwich course student. Some universities are flexible about the subjects you choose to study. Increasingly there are chances to combine engineering with management or languages or other subjects, to broaden your qualification. For a list of accredited courses log onto the Institution of Engineering and Technology at:

Institution of Engineering and Technology.

Mobile PhoneOn the 31st of March 2006, the IET was formed from the Institution of Electrical Engineers (IEE) and the Institution of Incorporated Engineers (IIE) creating a truly interdisciplinary, global and inclusive institution.  We have members in over 120 countries that are currently studying or working in engineering and being a member allows them to keep up-to-date with the latest advancements in technology, to share their knowledge through our virtual networks or at one of our many events happing around the world.

To find out more about the IET log onto:

Here’s what some young, professional electrical, electronic and manufacturing engineers have to say about their career choice and their future in electrical engineering

I wanted a career that would offer me variety and a constant challenge. I made the right choice!”  Mark Whittington, Project Engineer

Engineer never get bored – they’re always being challenged by some interesting problem” Roger Lee, 2nd year sponsored student, Cambridge University

It’s hard work but the satisfactions make it more than worthwhile” Paul Denton 2nd year sponsored student, University of Southampton

If you like technology and you want to work with people as well as accomplishing something tangible, then electrical engineering is for you!” Tariq Khan, electrical Distribution Engineer

There are many career paths open to anyone choosing electronic/electrical engineering. You’ll never be tied down to one sort of job you can do anything!” Joanne Dodds Traffic Control Engineer

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