Service management and design

An MSc in Service Management and Design will enable managers and business leaders to take a ‘systems’ view of services in relation to their product – considering its design, development, delivery, maintenance and eventual replacement, and including people and technology to ensure outcomes are achieved – would be most relevant.Service management and design

Such a course should combine management, design, technology and engineering in a trans-disciplinary way to enable students to gain insights into some of the most complex problems in service and product systems. This would be particularly relevant for those working for manufacturing companies that need to move forward from product-centric to service-centric thinking.

Studying an MSc in Service Management and Design that provides a combination of both practice and academic rigour will enable service leaders and managers to develop the necessary skills to:

  • Thoroughly understand customer needs and be able to manage business performance through the development of personal awareness/capabilities for managing services;

  • Understand the importance of experience and value to all stakeholders and be able to create a stakeholder map and use it to inform service design or redesign;

  • Develop awareness of excellence in service from a variety of sectors from across the globe;

  • Understand the lifecycle of service systems and have a working knowledge of tools, techniques and trends for service design and management;

  • Understand the principles of selling services and the implications on structuring a service organisation;

  • Gain the theoretical knowledge to understand and explain the emergent behaviour of systems and recognise the importance of data, process control and measures to drive the right behaviour.

  • Appreciate costing techniques and the implications of networks of value and lifecycle cost models to make the right decisions.

  • Develop an awareness of information systems and enabling technologies for service.

To ensure that the learning is relevant to the latest in today’s service industries, it is also crucial to identify an MSc course that combines world-leading research with academic excellence, as well as proactively seek contribution from industry and promote industry-based projects to accelerate learning.

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