Process Business Management at WMG

Having recently completed her MSc in Process Business Management, Nkoyo Essien wasted no time in securing an internship to develop her experience and skills. She talked to us about her time at WMG, and how it changed her outlook on business, management and her own future.

I came to Warwick in 2010, having gained my first degree in Chemical Engineering in Nigeria. I had spent a few months working as a Project Co-ordinator for an international energy services business in Lagos state, but my aim was always to move into management and I felt that an MSc course would give me the skills and knowledge to do that. I also wanted to gain a broader understanding of process engineering.

I researched suitable MSc courses and after someone recommended WMG to me, I looked into their programmes in detail. The fact that Warwick has such a high ranking and excellent reputation was obviously a big plus, and on top of that I heard a lot of positive things from people who had studied there.

As for the course itself, I have to say that it was very challenging right from the word go. The programme doesn't just focus on teaching you things. It gets you to think in new ways, not only about business processes and management, but about people and how working with others can generate new solutions.

Real-life experiences

That was a really big part of it for me: interacting and co-operating with others in a team setting as we worked through real-world business issues and problems. The fact that other students come from all over the world makes it very interesting too. You learn from people with different outlooks and from different backgrounds and cultures. That replicates what life is like when you work in a global business environment.

All of the modules were excellent. In each one, I could see the relevance of what I was learning to the way real businesses operate. Some of them introduced completely new areas to me – Logistics and Operations Management for example. As I worked through these, quite often I would think to myself: 'Oh yes, these are things that I really need to know!'

When I left WMG I took an internship – organised through Warwick – as an account executive with a technical PR consultancy. The business has a lot of manufacturing and engineering clients, so it's been fascinating to see the industry from a communications perspective. It's not an area I'd thought of working in before, but it's been useful to build experience in this area and add new skills.

Following this internship, I took on a new internship in the WMG research team working on a new research project entitled Lead Principles in Process Design. Specifically, I looked at how to disseminate the results of the research using the internet, finding out what's the best way to get the information to the people who'll value from it.

As for the future, I'm definitely on the look out for opportunities in manufacturing and engineering. The modules I studied during the MSc programme opened my eyes to the many options available, and what I experienced during my year has inspired me to launch my management career. I'm looking forward to putting what I've learned into practice at the leading edge of industry developments.

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