Study Engineering in Sweden

Engineering courses in Sweden are not only keeping up with international standards, but they are also becoming more accessible to students from abroad.

Study Engineering in Sweden

An increasing number of students from other countries come to study engineering courses in Sweden as a part of various exchange programs and there is also an international exchange of researchers and teachers.

The study of Engineering has always had a considerable impact on Swedish industry. Companies like, Ericsson, Saab, Volvo, H&M and Ikea, not to mention mining industries, pulp & paper companies and ship yards, all have their roots in the advanced engineering education at various times throughout the last 200 years.

The degree of "civilingenjor" is recognised by industry and academia as equivalent to a Master of Science degree. This program is connected to advanced research and provides students with an analytical approach to engineering problems.

Engineering courses in Sweden for international students

Thousands of new students are enrolled onto engineering courses in Sweden each year, many of which come from abroad. Sweden has become more and more inclusive and open to the influx of international students, who are seen as a valuable addition and indispensable ingredient for a multicultural and cosmopolitan environment. Sweden's educational policy recognises that this multiculturalism has a positive influence on the educational experience of students. In fact, it's become a lot more flexible in the recognition of international degrees, and you can expect this flexibility if you already have an engineering qualification from your country. The likelihood is that your previous engineering qualificatrions will be recognised.

A very good standard of education and academic excellence, along with an extremely effective and efficient educational system, make Sweden a very attractive place to study an engineering course. Let's not forget that after all, Sweden is the home of the prestigious Nobel Prize!

As a foreign student on an engineering course in Sweden you will be amazed at the extent of the quality control exerted on courses and institutes, to guarantee that the highest level of education is constantly and rigorously met. Education is taken very seriously; yet, the relations between lecturers and students are informal. Classes tend to be small, so as to enable a personal approach and dialogue aimed at promoting social as well as intellectual exchange.

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