Study Engineering in Norway

Engineering courses in Norway cover a wide range of subject areas and include many different disciplines.

Study Engineering in Norway

There are so many types of engineering, but whether you're looking for a course in Chemical Engineering, or a degree in Civil and Environmental Engineering, or perhaps a PhD in Coastal Marine Engineering, Norway is sure to offer you the high quality education that you would expect from a country which has been for decades at the forefront of technological development and research.

Whatever branch of engineering you are interested in studying, you will find an engineering course in Norway that fits your bill.

What can I expect from an engineering course in Norway?

Norwegian degrees and qualifications are compatible internationally. This means that if you already have an Engineering qualification obtained from any European University, you will be able to transfer the credits for it and have them recognized and count towards your engineering course in Norway.

Most international students will find at first that life in Norway can be expensive. For a working person, Norway is probably not more expensive than other European countries but it is true that as a student, you are going to have to be wise about money.

The advantage of being an international student in Norway is that you are guaranteed a space in the university halls, where rent is relatively cheap. By living in the halls, you will have a chance to be directly in contact with other students, participate in many and varied leisure time activities and take advantage of the vicinity of the Students Unions.

Your social life will only benefit from living in the students halls. You will find people who will make you feel at home and you will make friends – probably for life. The Norwegian people are very friendly and easy to get along with. You might be surprised to find out that you can probably speak to academics and members of staff in the university by calling them by their first-name.

Do I have to speak Norwegian to study an Engineering course in Norway?

If you are worried that you can’t speak Norwegian, don’t panic: when you enrol in your Engineering degree in Norway, you will find that a course in Norwegian for foreigners may well be part of your program. In any case, English is widely spoken in Norway, so if you can read English enough to read this article, you will have no problems in understanding and making yourself understood in Norway. In fact, Norwegian universities (and Scandinavian universities in general), offer a good range of degrees which are taught in English too, so as to welcome the international students willing to study in Norway. Check with your institution but most of the time you will find that they have engineering courses in both languages.

What can I do in my spare time whilst I study an Engineering course in Norway?

During your free time, or to take a break from your engineering course in Norway, you will not be short of options for things to do. If you enjoy the outdoors and long for the wilderness, whether you are for rowing or rock climbing, Norway has vast forests and beautiful lakes, as well as stunning mountains.

It’s not as freezing cold as you might think in Norway, although there are snowy peaks where you can enjoy skiing if that’s your choice of sport.

Ultimately, if as well as earning a degree in Engineering, you are attracted to the possibility of experiencing a new culture, try new foods, do lots of sports, be enchanted by beautiful sceneries, learn or improve your English as well as learning Norwegian, and meet people from all over the world, we couldn’t recommend taking your engineering course in Norway enough.

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