Get a Combined Business and Engineering Degree at FHWS

Engineering is one of the world’s most popular degrees, offering international students the opportunity to work around the world in a variety of fulfilling roles. It is industry relatively unaffected by the global recession and offers students a prestigious job title.

Traditionally, most international students will choose to specialise in a particular engineering field, such as mechanical or civil engineering. However, an increasing number are looking to move away from the production plant and into the business arena by combining degrees in business and engineering.

One university offering students this opportunity is the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt (known as FHWS) in Germany. Its Bachelor of Business and Engineering programme aims to equip students with a combination of technical and non-technical skills, meaning they will be able to work in a variety of professional areas. These include banks, consulting, manufacturing and engineering offices.

Well-known degree

“Business engineering is a well known degree everywhere in Germany,” says course leader Dr Marcus Schulz.

“Typical jobs for a business engineer include technical sales, for example someone who sells large machinery and needs technical knowledge about the machines as well as business knowledge for making calculations.

“In large industries, business engineers are facilitators wherever customer-orientated functions – like marketing and sales – and production orientated functions meet. A perfect example is a product manager, who is in charge of translating marketing wishes into products,” he adds.

A business and engineering degree combines two different academic areas, allowing you to find work in both the specialised, technical engineering arena and the more pragmatic management industry. By becoming proficient in both these arenas, graduates improve the number of jobs they can apply for and their future promotion prospects. Rather than being typecast in a particular industry, they’ll be able to break out and become business leaders in engineering.

Differing routes

FHWS has ten faculties offering more than 30 undergraduate and postgraduate degree courses as well as five research institutes. Because of that the university is able to offer practice- and future-oriented education in a wide variety of fields. In addition to the existing degree courses with German as language of instruction, the university offers seven-semester Bachelor’s degree courses in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) as twin programmes with the same or similar content and with English as language of instruction. As students reach higher semesters it is possible to switch gradually to courses with German as language of instruction. 

Starting with the fall term 2014 FHWS offers the following programmes as twin Bachelor's degree programmes - Business and Engineering (B. Eng.) and Logistics (B. Eng.).

Like the business and engineering degree the Bachelor Logistics at FHWS opens the door to a wide range of possible careers. Your future task will be to secure the competitiveness of the enterprise you are working for by keeping inventory low while ensuring customer satisfaction by keeping delivery times short and by just-in-time delivery of ordered stock. The entire process of planning, arranging, supervising and checking the material, financial and information flow within the enterprise as well as in the whole supply chain between suppliers and customers is organized by logistics managers.

International study

The course at Würzburg-Schweinfurt encourages students to make use of the institution’s tight links to industry, helping them to do internships and make contacts, which can be extremely helpful in the future.

A major plus point of the course for international students is its international nature. The university encourages applications from students from all countries, aiming to create an “inter-cultural” atmosphere, where students can learn from each other’s experiences – similar to the aims of an MBA.

Graduates benefits from a highly respected German engineering qualification, contacts within industry and excellent career prospects.
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