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Most people know Australia for its sun, surf, beautiful landscapes, friendly people and casual, healthy lifestyle. Around the world it is also known as a leader in the mining industry. Australia has also been consistently and at times, critically short of mining engineers. This shortage is expected to persist as the current workforce ages and industrial growth in China and India fuels a resources boom. This is good news for students who are wanting to study and then work in Australia - one of the most dynamic mining industries in the world.

Study Mining Engineer

As an international student there has never been a better time to enjoy all that Australia has to offer by studying to be a Mining Engineer through Australia’s newest mining school Mining Education Australia also known as MEA. Intakes for 2007 are being accepted now.

Three of Australia’s leading mining universities and the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) have joined forces to establish the first ever national school of mining engineering. The school, Mining Education Australia, is a joint venture between the three major mining education providers in Australia and is a worldfirst in undergraduate mining education. “Developing the collaborative university program is part of the MCA’s nationally coordinated strategy for the minerals industry to overcome the well-documented global shortage of professionals and trades people” MCA Chief Executive Mr Mitchell Hooke said. “The aim is to alleviate the skills crisis by providing a dependable source of well qualified mining engineers into the next decade” he said. One of the ways that MEA will attract more people to study Mining Engineering is by providing more flexible pathways into mining engineering courses and through flexible programs that enable students to transfer between partner universities.

What is MEA?
Mining Education Australia is one program and one school delivering world class undergraduate education in mining engineering by integrating and coordinating the resources of Australia’s premier mining universities. University of New South Wales, Western Australian School of Mines, and the University of Queensland are three of the world’s best mining engineering university undergraduate departments and together under the banner of MEA, they develop and deliver high quality education in mining engineering. Utilising a formal structure MEA courses ensure quality, relevance to industry and the latest teaching methods are used to ensure great delivery for students.

World Class Education
The aim of MEA is to increase supply of new mining engineers with the skills and education that industry is looking for. The school provides the greatest number of students with the highest possible quality of mining education by coordinating the resources of the three largest schools in Australia. This ensures that each course is coordinated and taught by leading academics in each field. MEA also has access to the seven world class mining research centres thus providing cutting edge information and pathways for students to continue higher education.

Flexible Options
MEA provides the most flexible programs possible including the opportunity for students to transfer between partner universities. International students have the option to study in Western Australia, Queensland, New South Wales or a combination of all, visiting some of the most picturesque parts of Australia. There is also the option of completing studies at the one location. A wide range of electives enable students to specialise in particular areas of interest.

Industry Experience While You Study
Industry vacation work is part of the mining culture in Australia and industry make over 600 vacation placements available for students. Rates of pay in the Mining Industry are above average which means that accessing these placements during study, make studying mining in Australia an affordable option. Vacation work and Industry Experience placements not only enhance learning but also provide pathways to professional employment after studying. Many international students like to combine study and travel. Studying through MEA can provide the option of traveling to different parts of Australia while obtaining paid work at the same time. Vacation work and industry experience are the perfect channel to achieve this.

Stay and Work in Australia
With an under supply of Mining Engineers in the mining industry and a boom in the resources sector in Australia, it is now easier than ever to gain professional employment in Australia as a Mining Engineer following the completion of studies. Recent changes now make it possible for a smooth transition from graduation to employment for international students.

Start your Mining Engineer Career
As part of the flexible structure of MEA, students who have completed two years of a suitable engineering degree and meet entry requirements, can transfer into an MEA course and graduate as a Mining Engineer after just two years of study in Australia. This provides the opportunity for civil or mechanical engineering students to specialise in mining and take advantage of a booming industry and excellent starting salaries.

Benefits of Becoming a Mining Engineer
• Interesting job where no day is the same
• Utilise latest technology
• Work as part of a team
• Great salaries
• Excellent management pathways
• Opportunities to see Australia and the world

Benefits of Studying with MEA
• Access to a national group of mining academic staff with skills in all major areas
• Opportunity to undertake exchange semesters amongst member universities
• Graduate with a world-class degree
• Participate in an exciting and innovative teaching program

For more information students can contact any of the participating universities or contact MEA directly on

61 2 9385 9545 or email Julia
O’Sullivan at:

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