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Belhaven University

Belhaven University
Belhaven University was founded in 1883 and is a Christian liberal arts university located on a beautiful campus in the heart of the Mississippi’s capitol city, Jackson.

Belhaven University serves over 3,700 students offering undergraduate and graduate degrees on its residential campus, an online degree program, and graduate and adult degree programs in Jackson, Memphis, Orlando, Houston, Chattanooga, and Atlanta.

Students and Belhaven University campus

Where You Learn
Located in the heart of one of Jackson's most beautiful historic neighborhoods, Belhaven offers a residential campus within minutes of fine dining, good shopping, local entertainment and a thriving arts community.

The Belhaven campus provides a beautiful and safe setting for learning and growth and it combines the best of traditional southern architecture with contemporary features. One highlight of the campus is the Belhaven lake, which is surrounded by tranquil walking paths.  Old trees shade the majority of the campus and music fills the air through outdoor speakers. The recreational facilities include five tennis courts, a gymnasium, a pavilion, fitness center, softball fields, student center, recreation room and an intramural and soccer bowl.

The city of Jackson is a growing center of industry, commerce, culture, and the arts and prides itself on its residential areas, its impressive state and city office buildings, its spacious parks, and its progressive spirit. Here, opportunities abound. Surrounded by three major hospitals, two seminaries, a medical school, and a multitude of churches, businesses, political establishments, law firms, and media outlets, there are internships and graduate schools literally around the corner.

How You Learn
With over 1200 undergraduate students and a 12:1 faculty ratio, Belhaven provides a personal, involved approach toward a degree. We offer an encouraging college experience where growth, both academically and spiritually, is paramount.

The Belhaven Worldview Curriculum (WVC) seamlessly intertwines literature, history, art, music, and philosophy in a Biblically centered course of study.

Belhaven’s Worldview Curriculum (WVC) is unlike any core curriculum you will experience. Belhaven WVC helps all entering freshmen and sophomores to see the “big picture,” with classes historically related to one another.  For example, when you study the Renaissance period in the WVC, you will also read Renaissance literature, view Renaissance art, and relate them to the historical context of the Renaissance. This enables the students to understand that all of history has a meaningful context. The philosophy portion of the WVC engages you to think critically through the lens of a biblical worldview. Through this presentation of history’s major themes, Belhaven students understand how ideas and events fit together, how conflicting worldviews have developed and how a Christ-centered understanding of our world has remained consistent throughout the ages.

What You Learn
Belhaven University offers 30 academic majors across a full spectrum of disciplines as well as a variety of graduate programs.  Belhaven competes at the highest level in the arts with some of the top schools in the nation. It is one of 30 institutions in the nation accredited in all four areas of the arts—visual art, music, theater, and dance.

Belhaven is known for its nationally recognized arts degrees and business school and has a diverse out-of-state and international population.

The School of Science and Mathematics is excelling with five distinctive programs that include Biology, Chemistry, Sports Medicine, Exercise Science, and Mathematics.  Pre-professional programs in medicine, dentistry, law, nursing, and medical technology give students additional preparation for a variety of different careers.

Available Programs

  • Accounting
  • Art (Visual)
  • Arts Administration
  • Biblical Studies and Ministries
  • Biology
  • Business Administration
  • Chemistry
  • Classical Education
  • Communication
  • Creative Writing
  • Dance
  • Elementary Education
  • English
  • Graphic Design
  • History
  • International Studies
  • Mathematics
  • Music
  • Philosophy of Worldviews
  • Political Science
  • Psychology
  • Social Services
  • Social Work
  • Sports Administration
  • Sports Medicine and Exercise Science
  • Sports Ministry
  • Theatre
  • Pre-Professional Programs

Why You Learn
Belhaven University is dedicated to helping people grapple with the complex issues of life and to preparing them for positions of leadership in a rapidly changing society. In addition to a strong traditional liberal arts program, Belhaven provides an atmosphere in which students can find purpose and meaning in life. Academic preparation and Christian experience go hand in hand at Belhaven. 

When You Graduate
After graduation, Belhaven graduates enter careers or graduate school with a quality education and the tools to be successful and purposeful in their endeavors.  Graduate have gone on to start their own companies and have successful careers in the arts.  Graduate in our science programs have attended medical school at places like Emory and Johns Hopkins.

Students have gone on to the best graduate programs in the country. Others have had success in the arts and business.  Many of our graduates have moved into many exciting careers like: Maxie Gordon (’83) is the Director of Adult In-Patient Unit for Psychiatry and Human Behavior at University Medical Center.  Grant Callen (’05) is the Director of Development at the MS Center for Public Policy. Andrew Camenisch (’98) is known for his work as lead sculptor for the Lord of the Rings trilogy.  Author Elizabeth Spencer graduated Belhaven in 1942 and went on to write many novels, short stories, non-fiction, fiction, and drama. Joel Bomgar ('03), Nathan McNeill ('03), and Patrick Norman ('01) founded Bomgar, a PC Remote Access Software Company.

Students and Belhaven University campus

Current Courses

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    • BA
    • Biology
    • 4 years
    • Jackson, MS, United States
    • BA or BSc
    • Mathematics
    • 4 years
    • Jackson, MS, United States
    • BA
    • Psychology
    • 4 years
    • Jackson, MS, United States

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