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The College of Performing Arts at Rowan University is dedicated to developing future leaders in the performing arts and arts education. The college provides students with rigorous professional preparation through close mentorship by a world-class faculty of artist scholars. Our exemplary undergraduate and graduate curricula are complimented by a challenging liberal arts education. The college serves as a cultural center for the campus and the South Jersey region by providing a wide range of classical and contemporary arts programming.

Programs Offered:

In the professional area, the College offers rigorous degree programs designed to develop technical and creative abilities to the highest level, as well as provide a comprehensive socio-historical awareness for the Arts practitioner.

Elective courses in the arts allow all students to partake of the unique, intellectual and emotional experiences that the arts provide. Performing/creating experiences are open to all and are designed to foster the artistic discipline that is expected in such activities. Further, they provide social and collegial experiences desirable in a college education. Through participation in musical ensembles, dance ensembles, and theatre productions artistic expression becomes an integral part of the educational experience.

In the Liberal Arts area, arts curricula provide extensive study of the performing arts through Minor programs and general education offerings. In these Bachelor of Arts programs, a focus on one particular segment of the arts allows the student to share the diversity of our cultural base and also to gain the perspective, if not the expertise, of the professional artist.

A program of study in the College can lead to:

• A professional career in the arts
• A teaching career in the arts
• Graduate study in the arts
• Other career options not tied fully to the arts, but which draw on the knowledge and rigor inherent in them

Central to a productive environment for the study of the arts is a vital community of arts professionals, both faculty and student artists, scholars, educators and performers whose careers are dedicated to the creative pursuit and advancement of the arts, in terms of their own individual creation and, also, in edification of the audience. The performing arts faculty at Rowan consists of some of the finest arts professionals in the nation, all dedicated to fostering a creative, productive atmosphere in which all of the arts can flourish.

Programs Majors and Minors:

Major programs consist of a Bachelor of Arts in Music and Theatre Arts; and a Bachelor of Music and Bachelor of Music Education. Minor and Concentration programs are available in Dance, Music and Theatre.

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